Discovering the golden drop of nutrition
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Our ancestors used to believe that olive oil is a source of life. So do we.
DOUZENIS OLIVE OILS S.A. company is the evolution of a tradition of years that with respect to the environment ensures the quality of olive oil over time
Since ancient times, many physiatrists, such as Hippocrates, Galilaio, Dioscuri and Diocles, have recognized in olive oil beneficial properties for human health, while in our time, modern medicine and nutrition has concluded that, especially the extra virgin olive oil has an important nutritional value. Scientific research proves that olive oil helps in many diseases, such as cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, aging, etc. It is also not surprising that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries, where the largest percentage of olive oil is produced, consume it with enthusiasm, and have identified it with their daily eating habits, thus gaining enormous beneficial benefits.

DOUZENIS OLIVE OILS S.A. based on the beneficial properties of olive oil and with respect to the environment, has set the goal to maintain and increase the quality of olive oil.

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