Please read carefully these terms of use before you use the website. These terms of use govern your contract and the use of the website. The website is available to you for access and use only if you agree with the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with all the terms of use, you are not allowed to access and use the website. With you access to or use of the website, you and entity for which you are authorised to represent, declare that you agree to be bound by the terms of use.

The following General Terms determine the terms and conditions in accordance with which DOUZENIS OLIVE OILS S.A. allows browsing of the website www.douzenis.gr and the use of the services provided without sign-up (e.g. advertisement, external links etc.) (hereinafter referred to as “other services”) and they are the legally binding terms between DOUZENIS OLIVE OILS S.A. and the visitors. These General Terms shall apply as provided for below, regardless of the electronic means the visitors may use.

1. Website User Fitness

This Website is provided by the company “DOUZENIS OLIVE OILS S.A.”, having its registered office on the 1st km of Astros – Paralio Astros North Kynouria, Arcadia hereinafter referred to as “The Company” and is available only to legal and natural persons over the age of 16, who may conclude legally binding agreements within the framework of applicable law. If you do not meet the requirements, you are not allowed to use the Website.


2. Modification of the Terms of Use

The “Company” is entitled to revise and update these Terms of Use at any time. Your continuation of use of the Website after any change in the Terms of Use shall mean that you accept these modifications. Any element of the Website may be modified, supplemented, deleted or updated without notice at the absolute discretion of the “COMPANY”.


3. Personal Data Protection

The Personal Data Protection Policy of the “COMPANY” shall govern the use of information collected or provided by you to the Website. Click on the relevant link of the Website to find out the Personal Data Protection Policy of the “COMPANY”.


4. License – Ownership of the Website

All the contents of the Website, including, among others, any texts, news, graphics, photos, charts, images, services and in general any type of files is copyrighted and governed by the national, European and international provisions on Intellectual Property. Therefore, it is expressly prohibited any reproduction, republication, copy, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, receipt, translation of modification of any part of the Website in any way without prior written consent of the “COMPANY”. Any trademarks and names included in this Website are registered trademarks and they are protected under the above provisions on intellectual property. By way of exception, separate parts of the contents of the Website may be stored or copied in a simple personal computer, strictly for personal use without any commercial intent. In case of storage or copy of the contents from the Website, the source must be indicated; this is no case implies assigning intellectual property rights. Some elements included in the Website which derive from other bodies are intellectual property of the body of origin.


5. Restrictions on the Use of the Website

Apart from the other restrictions specified in these Terms of Use, you agree with the following:

(a) You will not hide the source of information transmitted through the Website.

(b) You shall not provide false or misleading information through the Website.

(c) You shall not be connected and use the services, information, applications etc. which are available through the Website in any way not expressly permitted by the “COMPANY”.

(d) You shall not enter/ upload to the Website any elements containing viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs or other computer programming routines in order to cause damage, interference, interception or occupation of any system, the Website or the Information or violating the intellectual property rights.


6. Links to other Websites

a) External links. The Website may contain links to other websites and third-party resources (connected sites). These connected sites are provided only for your convenience and not as sites the contents of which is approved by the “COMPANY”. The “COMPANY” provides no promises or guarantees regarding the correctness, accuracy, performance or quality of any content, software, service or application within any connected sited. The “COMPANY” shall not be responsible for the availability of connected sites or the contents or activities thereof. If you decide to enter connected sites, this is at your own responsibility and risk. Furthermore, the use of connected sited is subject to the applicable policies, terms and conditions, including, among others, the privacy policy of the connected site.

(b) Internal links. It is strictly prohibited the connection to any other website apart from the website https://www.douzenis.gr/ unless there is a separate connection agreement with the “COMPANY”. Any website or other device providing a link to the website https://www.douzenis.gr/ or any website available in it, is not allowed to (a) reproduce the Contents, (b) use the browser interface or margin browsing interface around the Contents, (c) suggest in any way that the “COMPANY” approves it, (d) misinterpret any conditions, including its relationship with the “COMPANY”, (e) present false information regarding the services of the “COMPANY”, and (f) use any logo or trademark of the “COMPANY” without prior explicit consent of the “COMPANY”.


7. Shutting down – Suspension of Operation of the Website

You agree that the “COMPANY”, at its absolute discretion, is entitled to shut down or suspend the operation of the use of the Website, its contents and/or the information provided to you at any time and for any reason, with or without justification, even if the access or use continues to be allowed to others. With the said shutting down or suspension of use, you must (a) immediately interrupt the use of the Website and its services, and (b) destroy any copy of any part of its contents you have created. Access to the Website, the Information or Service after shutting down, suspension or interruption in accordance with the above, shall constitute an unlawful access. Moreover, you agree that the “COMPANY” shall not be liable to you or any third parties for any shutting down or suspension of your access to the website, Information and/or Services.


8. Limitation of Liability

The “COMPANY” uses its best efforts to ensure its information and its contents are accurate, clear, valid, full, correct and available.

In no case, including that of negligence, the company shall not be liable for any damage which may be caused to the public due to the use of the website https://www.douzenis.gr/


9. Visitor’s Obligations

The visitors of the website http://www.doouzenis.gr/ must comply with the respective provisions of the Greek, European and International Law and all relevant legislation governing telecommunications. Moreover, visitors must refrain from any illegal use and misuse of the contents of the Network and the Website. Visitors assume responsibility for any kind of damage caused to the website due to inappropriate actions by them. In case of lodging of any action, claim, administrative or judicial, against the Website, due to any kind of infringement, visitors assume responsibility to intervene in the relevant judicial proceedings and to compensate the Website in case they have to pay compensation or other indemnity.


10. Applicable Law and miscellaneous

This usage contract is governed by the provisions of Greek and International Law, as well as the Directives and Regulations of the European Law. It is interpreted on good faith rules and trade practices. In case a provision is found contrary to the law and therefore invalid or unenforceable, it automatically ceases to apply, without in any case affecting the validity of the other provisions. Athens Court are competent for any disputes arising from this contract.

If you have any problems regarding the contents of the website, please contact DOUZENIS OLIVE OILS S.A., having its registered office on the at the 1st km of Astros – Paralio Astros North Kynouria, Arcadia, on (+30) 27550 22155 or at the email: ad@douzenis.gr.



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